Haklik Zita


I’ve trained on the fire of a long journey and many challenges that not just hardened me but made me nobler too. Without them, I would hardly have found out what the essence of the Babushka brand is: the natural harmony that comes from simplicity. That’s why I turned almost fatefully towards goldsmithery, where hardness is combined with softness, and the sparkle of precious metals with purity. My creations are not only jewelry that I also love to wear, but my self-expression to the outside world. In the spirit of this, I bring to life my collections for the pleasure of myself and others who also strive for harmony in their daily lives and throughout their lives. My workshop is not only a place where jewelry is made, but also an inner sanctuary where my attention is focused.

Babushka collections are built from basis: variations of simple, refined forms.
Just as real life is only perfect in its own way, so is my jewelry. I make each piece with the greatest love, with my own hands, so no two are the same.