The Essential collection was born.




I retreated...slowed down...quieted down...and paid close attention. This is how born the Essential collection. From this, the Essential collection was born.

Sweet Pearl

Timeless elegance for modern women!
The pieces of the Sweet Pearl collection, as the name implies, are made of freshwater pearls.
The pearl jewelry is an almost mandatory piece, timeless yet versatile. Since ancient times, pearls have been considered the favorite gemstone of women, they are also called the jewels of queens. These charming delicate pearls emphasize feminine beauty and sophistication combined with modern fashion


The collection, which is special by the different display of the protective Eye, is inspired by Pallas Athene, who is the Goddess of arts and crafts.

All EYES on YOU!

Be the lover of the Eye!

The brand new brand - what has been missing from you so far! Sporty, Elegant, Xy SEXy! Just like you! 4ever BBSHK!

Famous Beach

‘Sunny getaway, carefreeness’...Beach or pool, wear it boldly, every day. Tourmaline and moonstone retain their color.


Stylish, adjustable, comfortable - completely unisex -non piercing.
“You decide your own vibe.”
Mix and match the pieces without ear punching.


At 2020 everything has changed...It’s about exploring the connection to our loved ones, discovering the indoors and learning how to make ourselves happy with nothing more than our own company. The MMXX collection is artistic representation of our lives during the quarantine.
Stacking! Find out how to stack to be unique.
The brand new brand - what has been missing from you so far! Sporty, Elegant, Xy SEXy! Just like you! 4ever BBSHK!


Throw on your mask with a universal, changeable chain. Whatever you wear, it fits all with masks or any kind of glasses.
Even you choose the plastic or the silver version you will get the genuine feeling of Babushka style.


With my third collection, I continue my journey in the world of geometric shapes. Each piece of the Quadra collection is a game with edges, angles, and customized geometry in Babushka „mood“.


From adventurous silhouettes to the smallest forms. The Auris is going beyond of the debut collection with sassy lines and golden materials.


Variations of simple and clean forms. Everything – including the world around us – is perfect, but only in its own special way. Refined textures, subtle deformities, these characteristics make every single jewel unique and perfect.



I’ve trained on the fire of a long journey and many challenges that not just hardened me but made me nobler too. Without them, I would hardly have found out what the essence of the Babushka brand is: the natural harmony that comes from simplicity.