A long journey with many challenges.

The crucial must have experiences

which shaped the pure forms of Babushka:

the natural harmony of simplicity.


My jewels are not only objects I would prefer to wear, but a statement to the world as well. Sometimes we need small things to reach our balance: a lovely ring or a brief silence where we can meet with our own desires. This is the inspiration that brought to life my first collection. For myself and for everyone who considers balance an essential value.


Behind the curtains secrets are hiding: the Babushka workspace is not only a room where the jewels are made, but a sacred inner place of my focus. From time to time I bring you captured moments and tiny details of the forming objects. This is what I'm working on right now.



The Babushka collection was inspired by a focus on basics: variations of simple and clean forms. Everything – including the world around us – is perfect, but only in its own special way. I create every single piece with care, love and my own hands, so two jewels are never the same. Refined textures, subtle deformities, these characteristics make every single jewel unique and perfect – in its very own way.


From adventurous silhouettes to the smallest forms. There may be differences in size, but the rhythm of the shapes is changeless. The Auris is going beyond of the debut collection with sassy lines and golden materials.


With my second collection, I continue my journey in the world of geometric shapes.

The simplicity of the classic molds invite me to discover more and more tiny, little details on structures. Each piece of the Quadra collection is a game with edges, angles, and customized geometry in Babushka „mood“.

Babushka Watch Jewelry

No matter how digital is the world we live in, analog will always remain modern and stylish. As we move away from the truly handcrafted foundations, - where value is touched by hands and fingers-shaped reality - we will even value a work without machines. The Apple Watch is the brand new Swiss watch of the modern age. How could you decorate a perfect shape more beautifully, in harmony with every element of it than having a Babushka Watch jewelry!?

The brand new brand - what has been missing from you so far!  Sporty, Elegant, Xy SEXy! Just like you!  4ever BBSHK!


Get the most out of yourself and your accessories!  Wear the current “rules” in style. Throw on your mask with a universal, changeable chain.  Whatever you wear, it fits all with  masks or any kind of glasses.

Even you choose the plastic or the silver version you will get the genuine  feeling of Babushka style with a gift pendant.

BBSHK mask



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